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"We will no longer offer sacrifice to gods of wood and stone.
We will throw out the Hindu priests from our village and worship only Jesus.

We are a Christ Village."


The Story


Anama is a single mother. She supports her children by working in the rice fields twelve hours a day and growing chili peppers. Though there is clean running water nearby, Anama is forbidden to use it. She must carry water for her family from the polluted river more than a mile away. Anama and her children are called "Untouchables."

Among India’s 1.3 billion people, more than 160 million of them are deemed to be less than human. Even their shadows are considered polluted. Imprisoned in their Hindu culture, they exist for death. Their only hope is reincarnation into a higher caste. They are unloved, unhelped, and Untouchable.

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Meet the Filmmakers

Independent filmmaker, Peter Hansen specializes in overall project responsibility and oversight, and has a broad range of experience in the inception, creation, production, post-production, and distribution of films in a variety of genres.

Based in Nashville, Ken Beale is a seasoned, independent Christian film producer, whose films have earned dozens of motion picture industry awards. Beale says his calling is to influence others’ world-view for Christ through the medium of motion pictures.


Support Christ Village

Help share this powerful narrative and vision through the new theatrical-release documentary film that will explore the story of faithful, tireless men who give God the glory as He redeems and transforms this dark land one Christ Village at a time. Your gift will help make this documentary film a reality.


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